Alexandra, that’s my name right there. First thoughts long, British(even though it is of Greek Origin) and posh. Unfortunately only one of those words can be used to describe me British…there I said it you are reading a website made by a British person but that's not all a British teenage girl and you know what that means FANGIRL! Yep that's me a fangirl, if fact if you google my username (which I will not be stating) the first article states that I am a fangirl and avid participant of the world of fandom. I love anything to do with anything especially computers and Fictional Universes.
That's my picture down there!

My Website journey

At first I didn’t have a clue what my website was going to be about and I still don’t know but after 3 hours of Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, fanfiction and procrastinating I just went with Whatever. Here is the home page where everytime you click home you will be taken back to this wondrous wording and babble. The next page is fashion drawings actually not from procrastination (SHOCKING! I was proud too). Most of them are from my denim project and two of them are of my friend Juliet’s, the rest are mine. Then we have fandoms not all of them but some because if we are being honest here there is no possible way to fit all my fandoms on one page without it taking hours. The next one is books. I decided just to take an inventory of my small book shelf with my favourite books on. The list is very long and some have pictures! Now remember this is my small bookshelf(my friend Emma has really long list! Her website is called Over the Place).

I am really excited to see what you think but you didn’t all this way just to listen to me babble…..which will stop…… soon… 3, 2, 1.(Felicity Smoak, Arrow)